Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice is a concise examination of how the sins of America's past evolved into a painful reality that was obscured until a global movement declared that Black lives matter. It explores the history of the Black experience by dissecting events that propagated White dominance through systemic racism, while illustrating the atrocities that were perpetrated in an attempt to preserve White supremacy.

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“Lift Every Voice” provides context to the 2020 movement for Black lives by examining the Black experience through the atrocities that were historically perpetrated to preserve White supremacy in the United States. Preview a few of the pages here.

The Author

E. Mackey is a photographer and entrepreneur that was inspired to venture into activism after learning of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. This would eventually lead to him traveling around the country to document the historic movement for Black lives that was ignited by the killing of George Floyd.

E. Mackey
Photographer | Activist | @emackeycreates


E. Mackey
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