Lift Every Voice



Lift Every Voice

Lift Every Voice is a concise examination of how the sins of America's past evolved into a painful reality that was obscured until a global movement declared that Black lives matter. It explores the history of the Black experience by dissecting events that propagated White dominance through systemic racism, while illustrating the atrocities that were perpetrated in an attempt to preserve White supremacy.

The Journey

A Timeline of the Black Experience in America


The timeline of the book starts on August 20, 1619 when approximately 20 Angolans arrived in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia. The United States didn't officially become a country until 1776. That means that slavery was established 157 years before the country was. It is literally woven into the fabric that the country was built on.

The 1800s

Highlighting the lives of well known historical figures like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass. The timeline also explores the work of several individuals and situations that played monumental roles in shaping the Black experience in America.

The 1900s

Setting the tone for much of what we know of Black history and the civil rights movement, the 1900s were filled with race riots, massacres, and other atrocities that have been glossed over and/or intentionally hidden in historical records. "Lift Every Voice" ventures deep into that history to illustrate many lesser known truths.

The 2000s

Having been given the historical context of the Black experience from the day the first Africans arrived as slaves, images from the protests, rallies, riots, vigils, and memorials from the 2020 movement for Black lives take new meaning. By the time you arrive at the 2000s on the timeline, you will be more knowledgeable about the state of Black America and many of the factors contributed to it.